Strong team,
great goals

With new methods of regenerative medicine into a
healthier world: The vision of the founders drives the
scientists and biotech experts at ISAR Bioscience

Strong team, great goals

With new methods of regenerative medicine into a healthier world: The vision of the founders drives the scientists and biotech experts at ISAR Bioscience


The history of ISAR Bioscience begins with plans of Hans Schöler at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster to establish a translational research institute. The aim was to make the results of basic research quickly available for medical use. Specifically, Hans Schöler’s team was interested in new technologies in stem cell research, in particular the so-called iPS cells (= induced pluripotent stem cells). These are stem cells that can be produced from the body’s normal cells such as fibroblasts, and offer researchers an ethically unproblematic alternative to embryonic stem cells. With the help of iPS cells it is possible to generate intact as well as diseased human stem cells. These can then be specifically differentiated into other cells, such as nerve cells or heart cells. They can be used as models for research into the development of diseases, but also for possible new therapies.

The core of the concept is the close cooperation between public research institutions and smaller as well as established companies from biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. ISAR Bioscience sees itself as a bridge-builder between these institutions and creates a direct link between basic research and new therapies and products – in other words, “translation”.

The Free State of Bavaria took up the concept. To start realizing it, private donors established the non-profit Foundation for Stem Cell Research and Applied Regenerative Medicine. The foundation is the sole shareholder of ISAR Bioscience GmbH, which has been in existence since 2018 and is initially funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics with 20 million euros.

In the same year, laboratory facilities were set up in Planegg, in the southwest of Munich – in the direct vicinity of numerous research institutions and biotech companies. The Lead Discovery Center of the Max Planck Society, which has its Munich branch in the same building, was of great help in this process. The first research projects in the field of stem cell research and neurodegenerative diseases started as early as 2018. Since then, ISAR Bioscience has been growing both in its research spectrum and in terms of personnel. The declared goal is to become a center of translational biomedicine in the Munich area.

Who we are

ISAR Bioscience GmbH is a Bavarian research company with a worldwide network. We develop regenerative therapies against dementia, heart failure and immune diseases using iPS cells and differentiated human cells derived from them. We use them to test new therapeutic principles and drug candidates.

Our scientists come from the fields of medicine, biology and chemistry, from universities and non-university research institutions, from biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

We work in modern laboratories in Planegg near Munich – at the heart of the biotechnology scene. We do research on our own projects and on issues that we investigate together with partners from our worldwide network. Together, we seek to identify innovative projects, develop them further in collaboration with teams of inventors from public research institutions and industry, and help them become reality.


ISAR Bioscience is led by a team of scientists and biotech entrepreneurs who came with their rich experience in research and development, medicine and business development. We develop and manage our projects and are happy to serve as contacts for current and future partners from research and industry.

Foundation for stem cell research and applied regenerative medicine

Foundation board

Promoting health

Excellent research and science are the basis for new approaches in medicine and new therapies and at the same time for social progress and prosperity. They cost money and, therefore, require special funding.

In order to further develop the potential of regenerative medicine in general and induced pluripotent stem cells in particular for the benefit of patients, the non-profit Foundation for Stem Cell Research and Applied Regenerative Medicine (StemCellRegMed Foundation) was established in 2017.

Mission of the foundation

The foundation aims to promote applied research and development activities in medicine, especially in regenerative medicine. In this context, the foundation established ISAR Bioscience GmbH. In order to support the application-oriented research of the young company, the foundation also relies on donations, gifts, bequests and other contributions. The money is intended to go towards the foundation’s basic assets or to support the foundation’s funding programs.

Become a co-founder!

You want to make a difference, for example help to fight a specific disease? Do you feel a strong sense of responsibility towards your fellow human beings? Are you considering supporting a selected research institution with your donation or an endowment?

We are happy if you want to support applied medical research as a benefactor or donor. With your donation to our foundation, you support important medical innovations. Your commitment can help to ensure that new and known diseases may be treated better in the future. With your donation you support our work – in a specific manner according to your wishes.


Prof. Dr. Horst Domdey
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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board monitors the legality, expediency and economic efficiency of the management of ISAR Bioscience. This supervisory body brings together four members from the fields of politics and technology transfer. Dr. Wolter is the Chairman, and Dr. Erselius is his deputy.

Scientific Advisory Board

For the selection as well as the further development of our research areas and projects, we use not only internal but also external expertise. The scientific advisory board, which combines proven scientific expertise with the perspectives of the pharmaceutical industry and investors, serves this purpose. The members of the scientific advisory board reflect the spectrum of the work of ISAR Bioscience.

Scientific Advisors

ISAR Bioscience cooperates with proven experts in certain scientific and indication areas. They accompany and advise the young research enterprise.