Insights into
our work

From the basics to clinical development:
Find out about current projects and how our ideas
may become the medicine of tomorrow.

Insights into our work

From the basics to clinical development: Find out about current projects and how our ideas may become the medicine of tomorrow.


ISAR Bioscience works on projects dedicated to widespread degenerative diseases. Our own research and the cooperation with external research groups go hand in hand. There are many technical and conceptual links and interactions between our individual projects.
In the area of research and development, we pursue projects that are essentially preclinical: they aim to develop and study model systems that mimic certain diseases. Other projects that are expected to lead more directly to new therapies and drugs are grouped together in the area of medicine.

ISAR Bioscience also develops technologies that are used in the development and testing of potential drugs. A number of technology platforms serve this purpose. Stem cell technologies play a central role. We use them to create new disease models that expand our knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of degenerative diseases. The models also help us to discover and develop new therapeutic principles. In another technology platform, we are investigating the interactions between cells; many known and most likely also many future drugs interfere in various ways with such mechanisms.

Our research is subject to strict quality management. We integrate the requirements of drug authorities already at early stages of our research in order to pave the way to clinical studies and, later, the approval of new drugs.

We conduct Research in these areas
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Degenerative cardiovascular diseases
  • Dysregulation of the immune system
Our Technology Platforms
  • Differentiation and editing of iPS cells
  • Receptors and cellular communication
  • Quality management (GLP/GMP/GCP)
Our Projects on Covid-19

ISAR Bioscience takes up the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic. Based on our expertise, we have started new projects for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19 infections and their consequences. The projects are funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation and deal with the following problems: