Klinikum rechts der Isar

Clinic and Polyclinic for Internal Medicine I:
Cardiology (Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz/Prof. Dr. Alessandra Moretti)


The clinic specializes in cardiology, angiology and pneumology, i.e. heart, vascular and lung diseases. Innovative therapies are used to treat circulatory disorders of the heart muscle and vessels, but also heart valve defects and cardiac arrhythmia as well as all lung diseases.
For many decades the clinic has been known for its successful basic and clinical science at a high level. It participates in a large number of clinical studies and thus makes an important contribution to the development of modern therapies and their safety.
A special focus is the Chair of Regenerative Medicine of Cardiovascular Diseases (Prof. Dr. Alessandra Moretti). The ambitious goal of this research is to develop regenerative therapeutic approaches such as the introduction of stem cells or differentiated cells derived from stem cells into the defective organ or the stimulation of endogenous regeneration processes. Numerous basic scientific questions still need to be answered before a successful translation can be achieved. The research group is working on this using state-of-the-art scientific methods.