RNA-targeted therapeutics hold great promise and evolve rapidly towards clinical application. The recent successful development and use of RNA vaccines has made public headlines - and today it appears possible to also use RNA molecules in therapy.
Except for the liver, the principal bottleneck of all nucleic acid therapeutics remains their insufficient delivery to target organs. rnatics aims to circumvent this problem by making use of the unique properties of scavenger cells, the macrophages. All human organs contain a population of tissue resident macrophages that self-renew and execute manifold key roles in tissue homeostasis and also in organ disease. These tissue macrophages are designed by nature for high capacity uptake of specific higher molecular weight structures, including also RNA molecules.

Our vision

We want to employ the unique natural phagocytic properties of tissue resident macrophages as an effective means of delivery to organs previously not accessible to nucleic acid therapeutics.


rnatics develops therapeutics that target disease-causing RNAs in tissue macrophages, which provide tremendous therapeutic opportunities for multiple diseases.


Proprietary macrophage-targeting technologies to deliver nucleic acid therapeutics to tissue resident macrophages, where they are taken up and become active.


Joint Project