Devel­op­ment of innov­at­ive peptides


Innov­at­ive pep­tides for the treat­ment of vari­ous autoim­mune dis­eases such as rheum­at­oid arthritis

Innov­at­ive pep­tides have been con­ceived to treat sev­eral autoim­mune dis­eases. These pep­tides act as tol­er­iz­ing com­pounds, i. e. they re-estab­lish tol­er­ance towards the anti­gen. This thera­peutic concept has been fur­ther developed and expan­ded to treat another autoim­mune dis­ease, rheum­at­oid arth­ritis (RA): Also for this dis­ease indic­a­tion, ini­tial lead com­pounds have been iden­ti­fied in a dis­ease model.

Wen­hart C, Holthoff HP, Reimann A, Li Z, Faßbender J, Ungerer M. A fructo­sylated pep­tide derived from a col­la­gen II T cell epi­tope for long-term treat­ment of arth­ritis (FIA-CIA) in mice. Sci­entific Reports 2021; 30;11(1):17345. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-95193-2