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ISAR Bioscience GmbH is a trans­la­tio­nal rese­arch com­pany in Plan­egg near Munich, sup­ported by the Free State of Bavaria.
Our rese­arch focu­ses on the deve­lo­p­ment of RNA the­ra­peu­tics, human indu­ced plu­ri­po­tent stem cells (hiPSC), the immune sys­tem and on dege­ne­ra­tive dise­a­ses of the brain and heart. We have a uni­que pipe­line that we are con­sis­t­ently moving into pre­cli­ni­cal trials.

We have an ope­ning for a

Data Sci­en­tist (gn)

The posi­tion is an inte­gral com­po­nent of the rese­arch con­sor­tium “RNA deli­very and Lipid Nano­par­tic­les” that includes col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with indus­try, start-up com­pa­nies, and aca­de­mic part­ners and is fun­ded by the Ger­man Fede­ral Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs and Cli­mate Action (BMWK). The posi­tion is loca­ted in a close coope­ra­tion with the Uni­ver­sity of Würzburg at the Chair of Phar­maceu­ti­cal and Medi­cinal Che­mis­try (Brun­schwei­ger group). If appli­ca­ble, the posi­tion offers the option to pur­sue a PhD at the Uni­ver­sity of Würzburg.


The posi­tion is in the field of data sci­ence at the cross­roads of chem­in­for­ma­tics and bio­in­for­ma­tics for the­ra­peu­tic RNA appli­ca­ti­ons. The con­sor­tium is deve­lo­ping inno­va­tive poly­mers enab­ling effi­ci­ent lipid nano­par­ticle (LNP) pro­duc­tion for mRNA deli­very with the ulti­mate goal of rea­ching remote tis­sues. The posi­tion offers a uni­que, inter­di­sci­pli­nary rese­arch set­ting that allows for ana­ly­sis of data sets from che­mis­try (Hybrid-Lipi­d/Hy­brid-Poly­mer syn­the­sis, LNP manu­fac­ture) and bio­logy (advan­ced cell cul­tures, sin­gle-cell RNA seq., etc.), with advan­ced com­pu­ting infra­struc­ture for model buil­ding and decis­ion making for next-gene­ra­tion the­ra­peu­tics. Cri­ti­cal know­ledge requi­red for the gene­ra­tion of R&D data for advan­ced deli­very sys­tems for the­ra­peu­tic mRNA, inclu­ding various cells deri­ved from indu­ced plu­ri­po­tent stem cells, ani­mal stu­dies, and advan­ced ima­ging moda­li­ties is available.


Appli­cants should hold eit­her and M.Sc. or a Ph.D. in the field of bio­in­for­ma­tics or chem­in­for­ma­tics, or have com­ple­ted stu­dies in bio­logy, che­mis­try, che­mi­cal bio­logy, bio­che­mis­try, phar­macy, or rela­ted sci­en­ces, and have expe­ri­ence in infor­ma­tics, pre­fer­a­bly in data­base pro­gramming and hand­ling. In addi­tion, we expect a strong desire to per­form rese­arch with enthu­si­asm and crea­ti­vity, a high grade of self-moti­va­tion, the ability to work inde­pendently, and Ger­man as well as Eng­lish lan­guage com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills.


Please send your cover let­ter and CV/Résumé plus the names of 2 refe­rees (or recom­men­da­tion let­ters) to Please indi­cate „Data Sci­en­tist“ in the sub­ject line. If you have any ques­ti­ons, please cont­act Dr. Chris­tiane Schie­gerl, Tel: 089-356475-41 or Prof. Andreas Brun­schwei­ger,, 0931-31-82450. Alter­na­tively you can use the Appli­ca­tion Form below.

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